Sport Premium

Sport Premium


Sport at New Islington 2018/19

The Government provides all schools with additional funding that is to be ‘ring fenced’ for improving the provision of PE and sport. The amount each school receives is calculated by reference to the number of children on roll.

Schools are accountable for how this money is spent; the amount we received in the year 2018/19 was £17,880. The amount we have actually spent in the year 2018/19 is £24,950 – reflecting our determination to make a difference in the provision for all of our pupils.

As a result of this dedicated, ring fenced funding, it is expected that schools will see an improvement of provision and opportunity against 5 Key Indicators:

  1. The engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity
  2. The profile of PE and sport being raised across the school as a tool for whole school improvement
  3. Increase the confidence, knowledge and skills of all staff in teaching PE and sport
  4. Provide a broader range of sports and activities offered to all pupils
  5. Increase participation in competitive sport


Dedicated PE Lead Teacher to drive improvements:

In September 2018, we appointed a teacher to lead the development of sport at the school. Over the course of the academic year 2018/19 we have seen an exciting and sustainable transformation of sporting provision across the school.

The following is a snapshot of some of these changes:

  • Purchased Real PE legacy package to offer staff CPD
  • All staff trained in the delivery of Real PE
  • All new staff trained in Real PE
  • TA’s attended a sports leadership course to up skill 5/6 sport leaders
  • Children from Years 1-6 offered lunchtime coaching session at least twice/week ·
  • Sports Ambassadors working with the lunchtime coaches and promoting activities
  • Major playground development initiative
  • New boys football team developed coached by external coach (start date January 2019)
  • New girls football team developed coached by external coach (start date September 2019)
  • Attend PE association ‘Inspire’ Festivals
  • Resources enhanced
  • Introduced the Daily Mile across the school
  • Manchester City Coach secured to work one day/week alongside staff PE sessions and offer extra-curricular sessions.
  • Employed Behaviour Mentor to work 2 afternoons offering resilience & behaviour sporting interventions.
  • Skateboarding After school Club introduced
  • Basketball After School Club introduced
  • Football After School Club introduced
  • Dance After School Club introduced
  • Entry into the Manchester Dance Festival
  • Sports Kits purchased to represent the school at sporting events – sponsorship agreed with a local company


Swimming at New Islington

In collaboration with the Local Authority, we take our Year 4 class every week to the pools at East Manchester Leisure Centre, Beswick. The Local Authority advice is that Year 4 is the optimum age group to take, and that it is most effective to give them the full year of lessons.

We continue to encourage our pupils to swim regularly and the following reflects their standards, although we do not use Sports Premium Funding to provide additional lessons beyond Year 4:

86% of the 2018/19 Year 6 cohort can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres.

86% of the 2018/19 Year 6 cohort can use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]

86% of the 2018/19 Year 6 cohort can perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situation.

Click here to view the details of June 2019 Review of whole school sporting provision in relation to the 5 Key Indicators (evidencing the impact)

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities


At New Islington we are delighted to offer all our pupils a wide range of clubs, run both by staff and outside agencies. Participating in extracurricular activities provides an important and enjoyable part of a child’s education, widening their experiences outside of the classroom.
Clubs take place before school, at lunchtimes as well as after school. Extra-curricular clubs run by school staff are free to attend. Clubs run by outside agencies may incur a small fee.




What is e-safety?

At New Islington, we want staff, children, parents and carers to create a school community that embraces the use of different technologies to enhance learning and thinking, as well as teach all of our children how to be safe and responsible digital citizens, who make informed decisions about their actions online. We believe that the internet is a great resource and tool.

At home, many children also use computers and mobile devices to play games, learn and explore. Make talking about what they’re up to online, a normal part of everyday life rather than something that only happens when there’s a problem or issue. We believe regular, open conversations between parents, carers and children about using the internet is ultimately the best way to keep children safe online.

While there are huge benefits to being online, it is important to be aware that any time children use the Internet, they do face some potential risks, such as accessing inappropriate or harmful content, harmful interactions with other users, oversharing their own personal information, grooming and sexual abuse, online bullying, gambling and manipulation by online organisations and radicalisation. We believe that understanding what your child is doing online helps keep them safe online.

There are some websites and games that have age restrictions and checks on them to make sure that children don't see unsuitable content. The same goes for social media networks. It is our expectation that children at New Islington do not have their own social media accounts. This is because children must be at least 13 to register on most social networking websites. However, the reality is there is not a lot standing in the way of children joining at a younger age; so it is vital that as parents and carers you take an interest in your child’s online behaviour and have a good overview of how they use their computer or mobile device to ensure they are only accessing content that is appropriate for their age. We believe age restrictions are there for a good reason.

In this day and age, online safety has to be more than a reminder not to speak to strangers online. As children begin to navigate the internet and use it in different ways as they grow older, their own personal conduct online is also an area where they need guidance. We believe it is important to teach children both about the technological and social and emotional aspects of being safe and successful online.

Please click on the following links for more information:

A Parents’ Guide to Snapchat can be found here

A Parents’ Guide to Instagram can be found here

A Parents’ Guide to Online Gaming can be found here

A Parents’ Guide to YouTube can be found here


UK Safer Internet Centre

NSPCC Share Aware

Internet Matters

Childnet International





Homework is way of continuing and deepening learning. It provides an opportunity to consolidate and revise and reinforce. It provides opportunities for children to explore their interests and celebrate their enthusiasms. Homework provides parents with a link between their child and the class teacher. As children move into year 5&6, homework prepares them well for the transition to High School where the expectation that homework is completed to a high standard is explicit.

At New Islington, each class teacher provides age appropriate learning opportunities on a weekly basis. Most homework is handed out on a Friday, and this needs to be handed in the following week.

Daily reading practice, spellings, phonics and time tables have been proven to impact very positively on outcomes for children. Parents who invest a little time each day with their child on homework tasks reap very positive rewards.

PE and Sport

PE and Sport


Here at New Islington, we recognise the importance of keeping active and healthy, and therefore sport has a high profile in our school life. We have worked hard since the formation of the school to promote a range of sports and give children a wealth of sporting opportunities. Our PE coordinator, Miss Morris, works alongside Greater Manchester Sport, the Manchester PE association and other agencies, such as local sports clubs, to provide these opportunities and keep our children active and excited about sports.

Here are just some of the things we have been involved in....

Real PE

In PE across the school, children experience Real PE and Real Gym lessons. Real PE provides fun and simple to follow schemes of work and is fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements. The scheme focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning through a unique and market leading approach to teaching and learning in PE.

Each child has two PE lessons a week, one focusing on Real PE/ Gym and one focusing on dance or outdoor games.

The Daily Mile

This year at New Islington we have launched ‘The Daily Mile’. The Daily Mile is a social, physical activity where the children run or jog around the playground or muga every day. It has been proven to improve fitness, concentration in the classroom and help to achieve a healthier lifestyle. It also encourages the children to be aware of their health and increase their activity levels. The children are encouraged to run as many laps as they can in 15 minutes and to improve their stamina and amount of laps that they can do. The children can choose if they want to run, jog or walk the laps but the aim is to keep moving. Both the teachers and children have enjoyed taking part and getting outside in the fresh air. It is a brilliant energiser to refocus the children after lessons and allow them to burn off energy!

Manchester City FC in the Community

Here at New Islington, we have started a new successful relationship with Manchester City Football Club. Coaches from the club community foundation work alongside KS2 teaching staff every Friday developing their confidence in delivering PE as well as offering fun, active lessons to all KS2 children.

The strength of this community link has meant we have attended football tournaments at the Manchester City training ground. Alongside this, some children have been selected to be ball boys on match days, attend Christmas festivities and have had the chance to go and watch the MCFC ladies play for the first time at the Etihad Stadium.

Alongside the PE, City in the Community have also provided us with a KS2 reading scheme which our year 5’s are working on, as well as offering healthy lifestyle workshops, which including cooking and nutrition lessons, to families in school.

Sporting Clubs

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we are lucky enough to have Remi, a MUFC sports coach, offering football, tag rugby and multi-skills to year 2 and KS2 children. Monday’s football is an invite only club and makes up our new 5/6 football team. Spring Term also included a 5/6 girls dance club where the girls choreograph a dance and are entered into the Manchester Dance Festival.

Year 5/6 Girls and Boys Football Team

This year we have set up a Year 5/6 boys football team, who train every Monday after school with a coach bought in from Manchester United Football Club. Their new NIFS kits have arrived ready for upcoming games.

We have also set up a year 5/6 girl’s football team, who train every Friday with Connor from Manchester City in the Community.

Both football teams are sponsored by Ezra and Gill.

Rattle and Roll

Every Wednesday, we run a Dance and Drama club for the EYFS and year 1. Rattle and Roll is a company bought into school to deliver engaging dance lessons to the early years for 45 minutes after school. Our classes are unique, fun-packed and high quality, fitting with the EYFS demand for “high quality early learning”, and all taught by fully qualified teachers.

Playground Development

Spring 2019 saw the first phase of our playground development. By adding an adventure trail and Tyre park to the playground, we intend to see an increase in activity levels for all children, not only at playtime but for PE lessons as well. Markings have also been added to the playground to support development in PE lessons and sport as well as provide structure to The Daily Mile.


Please click here to view our Bronze School Games Certificate.

Please click here to view our 2019/20 action plan.

Please click here for further information about the Sports Premium Funding





New Islington Free SchoolAt New Islington free school, we develop spelling and writing skills throughout every subject and throughout every day.

We know that some children find learning spellings easy and some find them hard; we know that some children always achieve a high score in spelling tests but then do not apply this knowledge in their everyday writing. Some children find it hard to learn spellings for a test and yet spell accurately within their everyday writing.

As well as the phonic strategies of decoding, segmenting and blending, many words still have to learned as rote, sometimes referred to as ‘common exception words’.

We use the No-Nonsense approach to teaching spelling here at New Islington. No Nonsense Spelling is a new complete spelling programme designed to meet the needs of the 2014 National Curriculum in a manageable way. It is easy to use, flexible and comprehensive, providing an effective spelling teaching programme from Year 2 to Year 6.

As a part of every child's homework, spelling lists are sent home and we encourage parents & carers to help your children to work on these daily - little and often is the key to success.

Reading and Phonics

Reading and Phonics


At New Islington Free School, reading has a high profile and we aim to inspire children to become eager and confident readers. We introduce children to a wealth of quality children’s literature, every class has dedicated story time, and books are often used as a stimulus for work in all curriculum areas.

We teach our youngest children to read using 'Oxford Reading Tree', a carefully structured reading scheme which offers a range of fiction and non-fiction books at every level. In school, children take part in regular 'guided reading' sessions, in which a group of children share a book with their teacher. They may discuss the plot, characters and writing techniques used by the author.

We value the contribution parents make to the teaching of reading and phonics. Every child has a reading record, which charts their reading progress. Teachers offer ongoing guidance, praise and reassurance to parents about their child’s reading. As well as the reading record and informal discussions, teachers report to parents about reading progress during parents' evenings twice a year and in annual reports.

From Year 2, children move onto 'Accelerated Reader', a programme which develops their independent reading skills, comprehension and motivation for reading. After each book they read, pupils take a short online Accelerated Reader quiz, which provides detailed information for their teacher. Children can use the ‘Accelerated Reader’ Bookfinder website at home to search for books - from school, the library or bookshops - which are precisely matched to their reading ability and interests. This approach encourages our children to enjoy reading even more, to read more often, to think positively about reading and to see a clear link between reading and their successes.

Phonics is taught systematically throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. We follow 'Letters and Sounds', the Government guidance on phonics teaching, and plan fun and interactive lessons to engage young children. Children move onto our spelling programme once they have a firm foundation in phonic knowledge.

Click here for further information on reading and phonics at New Islington




Maths is an exciting subject, rich in so many ways. Here at New Islington Free School we use White Rose maths as a basis for our planning, supported by a range of other resources, in particular White Rose Maths and NRich.

Maths is taught in a practical way, with a balance between knowledge & understanding, and using & applying. Helping children to reason, to talk about how they reached their answers, is essential for good mathematical development.

Please click here to view the White Rose Calculation Policy

Please click here to view the At a Glance Progression Overview

Please click here to view the Detailed Progression Document

Maths Resources

The internet is a rich resource of games, puzzles and activities to support and consolidate learning at home. This is especially true with Mathematics! Many of these applications serve to place learning in a meaningful context that the children can relate to. As such, they are an invaluable resource that can be dipped into for free at home.

With this in mind, we have listed below a handful of the more effective educational sites on offer:

Maths Websites for Children
Great for times tables challenges.
A wealth of games and activities organised by curriculum area, i.e. shape and space.
Lots of games organised in a very child friendly way.
Lots of games and an excellent revision unit – KS2 Bitesize Maths.
An innovative site that includes the classic game – ‘Who wants to be a Mathonaire? with Chris Tangent!
A U.S educational site with some great games. Try out ‘Pumpkin Multiples!
A very colourful site from Australia with some excellent interactive games!
Free online education resources and games..
An award-winning free website packed with expert advice, top tips, ebooks and activities to help you support your child's reading and maths at home.

Also worth a look are:

Maths Websites for Parents

If you need to brush up on your maths skills, the following sites may be of use:

National Numeracy Parent Toolkit has a wealth of tips and advice for parents.

Maths 4 Mums and Dads explains some of the milestones children make between the ages of 3-and-11-years-old.

The Learning Environment

Our Learning Environment


Classroom environments both support and enrich the learning of all children.  As well as being vibrant and welcoming, the classroom environment is a learning resource; it can create a sense of ownership and be used to support and promote learning, as well as celebrating children’s work.  With careful thought and planning, an effective classroom environment is used as an interactive resource supporting teaching, learning and assessment.

At New Islington Free School we believe that a well organised and stimulating environment has a direct impact on the quality of teaching and learning, and therefore supports raising standards.  It enables pupils to develop independence as learners.

We provide consistent expectations for all pupils in order to support them, whilst challenging them to give their very best.  In this way, we develop a shared sense of what high standards look like. Above all else, our children are taught the purpose of their learning and they work towards applying their knowledge and skills to an intended outcome, such as a piece of published writing, artwork, performance etc. We are proud of the children’s work and we are actively building a culture of high-quality display throughout the school.

Our 4D Immersive Suite

Our 4D Immersive Room

New Islington Free School
New Islington Free School

There’s magic at New Islington Free School! As is fitting in such a modern building, we have a state-of-the-art 4D Immersive Room. Specifically design to encourage, enthuse and engage our learners, this room uses projected video footage on floor-to-ceiling screens, with surround sound and focussed lighting. Combined with an interactive floor space we can create a truly "immersive" experience.

It's easy to see why the children love it – this room provides a real ‘wow’ factor.

In this room, New Islington pupils have been transported back in time to Queen Victoria’s coronation, been on magic carpet rides, taken a voyage to Australia, sheltered away from Polar Bears in the Arctic, hidden away in a haunted houses and explored countless other worlds, all within the same four walls.

The interactive floor means that the water ripples – and fish scatter – when the children "dip their toes in" and artefacts can be "uncovered" from underneath the sand in the desert. This room really does bring learning to life - because the children can see it and hear it, it becomes so real to them.

This room is very much about opening eyes and being inspirational. Teachers use this room as a ‘hook’ into learning. It encourages children’s imaginations which in turn stimulates discussion, vocabulary development as well as knowledge and understanding of the world around them.

Come and see it to believe it!