New Islington Free School


Maths is an exciting subject, rich in so many ways.

Here at New Islington Free School we use White Rose maths as a basis for our planning, supported by a range of other resources, in particular White Rose Maths and NRich.

Maths is taught in a practical way, with a balance between knowledge & understanding, and using & applying. Helping children to reason, to talk about how they reached their answers, is essential for good mathematical development.

Maths Resources

The internet is a rich resource of games, puzzles and activities to support and consolidate learning at home. This is especially true with Mathematics! Many of these applications serve to place learning in a meaningful context that the children can relate to. As such, they are an invaluable resource that can be dipped into for free at home.

With this in mind, we have included below a handful of the more effective educational sites on offer.