Reception Curriculum

Preparing our children for a life of learning...

At New Islington Free School, we believe that all children deserve the best start. Through our exciting and innovative curriculum, we make learning come to life.

Learning in Reception is guided by the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage and enhanced by the International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Class activities are supplemented by educational visits and visitors, assemblies, events and extra-curricular activities.

Throughout our school, in all aspects of school life, and every part of the school day, we encourage all children to strive to achieve our 8 Personal Goals, and to develop both a national and an international perspective. We feel lucky to be located in the centre of Manchester, a vibrant and culturally diverse city, where there are numerous opportunities for our children to explore different ideas, activities, traditions and languages. We believe strongly that our curriculum should reflect, benefit from, and enhance our local community and promote global citizenship.