Composition of the Governing Body


Mr E M Watkins CBE
Chair of Governors
Mr M Boulton
Chair of Governors
Chair of Pupil Progress & Teaching and Learning
Mrs MC Bolton
Chair of Finances, Resources, Health Safety and Audit
Mr S V Leeming
Mr R GoodaireParent Governor
Mr I UssenudohParent Governor
Miss L Ritchie
Staff Governor
Mr S Foster
Health and Safety Governor
Safeguarding Governor
Mrs L HamiltonChair of Teaching and Learning
Mr J HeadifenMember
Mrs A RyanCommunity Governor
Mr A ShanGovernor
Dr N BhayankaraGovernor
Mrs G M Batchelor (in attendance)Independent member of Audit Committee
Mrs T SmithHead Teacher and CEO
Mrs P Millward (in attendance)SBM (in attendance at Finance, Audit and RemunerationCommittees)
Clerk to Governors