PE and Sport


We are passionate about keeping children fit and healthy through sport and wellbeing. We use a fantastic PE scheme, ‘real PE’. This unique approach to teaching and learning PE focuses on the development of agility, balance and coordination, healthy competition and co-operation.

We love that it supports our school Personal Goals (based within the International Primary Curriculum) by encouraging creativity, resilience and self-challenge. It also equips children with the key essential abilities to maximise their potential and long term participation in sport.

Every child has two PE lessons per week, one focussing on gymnastics or dance and one focussing on outdoor games. We take every opportunity to use the sporting facilities on our doorstep, and have held our school sports days at the Etihad Indoor Athletics Centre and at The Manchester Grammar School.

We encourage activity at all times – and employ lunchtime Games Coaches from 'Junior Sports Stars’ to work with the children developing new and varied skills.

Through PE at New Islington Free School, children feel included, valued and challenged in their learning. Most of all, they have a lot of fun.


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