New Islington Vision and Mission


To empower our children to approach all challenges and opportunities presented to them, with confidence and resilience. 

New Islington Mission
We aim to achieve this by developing learners who:
Understand the importance of our core values of respect, resilience, kindness and cooperation.
Celebrate the cultural, religious and social diversity of our school community.
Are enthusiastic, who are determined to excel, who rise to new challenges and embrace new experiences.
Are confident, who have a sense of self respect, who feel secure and safe, and who have a sense of well-being – both physical and emotional.
Are responsible and accountable, who understand their role within our school and the wider community.

New Islington Strategy
We aim to achieve this through:
Having a common understanding of what ‘excellence’ looks like here at New Islington, and striving for nothing short of excellence in everything that we do.
Ensuring that our children are safe and secure at all times, and that all adults fully understand the role that they play in safeguarding our children.
Encouraging the school community (adults, children, parents, and governors) to show high levels of trust, respect and understanding, and to promote the school values.
Developing a curriculum for excellence: ambitious, aspirational, relevant, and varied – a curriculum that supports all our pupils regardless of ability.
Delivering this curriculum within a high quality and safe environment.
Having high expectations for positive behaviour, supporting and encouraging those with additional needs through restorative approaches.
Having a strong and well informed Governing Board.