Who's Who at New Islington


Head Teacher: Mrs Tabitha Smith

Direct Email: t.smith@newislingtonschool.co.uk

Deputy Head Teacher and SENDCo: Mrs Karen Reveley

Direct Email: k.reveley@newislingtonschool.co.uk

School Business Manager: Mrs Paula Millward

Direct Email: p.millward@newislingtonschool.co.uk

The office administrative team: Mrs Ashleigh Kenny Roberts, Miss Danielle Kenny, Ms Anne Morris

General Email: hello@newislingtonschool.org

The EYFS team: Miss Streeter and Miss Ellison, supported by Mrs Woollacott, Mrs McKenna, Miss Lawton and Mrs Luhar

The EYFS Phase Leader: Mrs Woollacott

The Year 1 team: Miss Morris and Miss Marshall, supported by Mrs Hitchin and Miss Craddock and Miss McHugo

The Year 2 team: Miss Ritchie and Miss Brown, supported by Mrs Burke, Mrs Cullen and Mrs Rahman and Mrs Mirazi

Key Stage One Phase Leader: Miss Brown

Year 3 Team: Miss Otu and Miss Li supported by Mrs Rowe, Mrs Halaciuga, Ms Coletrop and Mr Nightingale

Year 4 Team: Miss Sexton and Miss Peeks supported by Ms Burns, Mrs Khushtar and Miss Soo

Year 5 Team: Mr Burns supported by Mrs Khan and Miss O’Loughlin

Year 6 Team: Miss O’Mahoney supported by Mr Hedley and Mrs Yousaf

Key Stage Two Phase Leader: Mr Burns

Wrap around Playworkers: Mrs Uddin and Mr Soares supported by a team of playworkers from our support staff

Kitchen Team: Provided by Taylor Shaw

Cleaning Team: Provided by Premiserve

Site Manager: Mr Wanderson Soares

The Midday Team: Mrs McKenna, Miss Lawton, Mrs Luhar, Mrs Hitchin, Miss Craddock, Miss McHugo, Mrs Burke, Mrs Cullen, Mrs Rahman, Mrs Mirazi, Mrs Halaciuga, Mrs Rowe, Mr Nightingale, Mrs Burns, Mrs Kushtar, Miss Soo, Mrs Khan, Miss O’Loughlin, Mrs Yousaf